How to find space in your closet in five easy steps?

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How to find space in your closet in five easy steps

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have one of those huge walk-in closets you see in decorating magazines. That can mean we’re playing constant games of hide and seek by looking for things we remember having but can’t locate. For example, the average Canadian spends 12 weeks each year looking for things they can’t find.  Wouldn’t you love to have more closet space so you could find things easily? You can! Here’s how to find space in your closet in five easy steps.

1. Find space in your closet by starting with an empty one.

Start with a clean slate and take everything out. Use this as an opportunity to start organizing to see what you actually own. Make piles of similar items – chances are, you’re going to re-discover things you forgot you had! If you have drawers in your closet, save going through these for another time. The goal is to make this first stage in finding space in your closet a manageable task.

2. Turn up your favourite Spotify playlist and separate your clothes by season.

If you’re like most people, you’ve got bathing suits and shorts mixed in with heavy sweaters and wool socks. First, separate piles into warm and cold weather items. Then, store out-of-season items in a storage bin beneath your bed. After that, take stock of your progress: did your pile go down a little?

3. Make a “keep” pile and a “give away” pile. 

Then, try on the things you aren’t sure still fit. If an item almost fits, put it in the “keep it” pile. If it’s a few sizes off, put it in the “give away” pile. Similarly, if an item is no longer in style, give it away— unless you want to wait 30 years for the look to cycle back in style.  If you haven’t worn something in over one year, you likely won’t wear it again anytime soon, unless it’s something for a special occasion. Finally, box up your “give away” pile to donate to charity or give it to someone you know. 

How to find space in your closet in five easy steps

4. Space-saving gadgets and gizmos are easy ways to find closet space.

It’s amazing how much more closet space you get with space-saving hangersmulti-layer skirt and pant hangers and multi-layer shirt and jacket hangers. Next, find space in your closet by getting as much as you can off your cupboard floor. Attach hooks to your cupboard walls for purses, belts and ties. Similarly, use your closet door to hang hats or shoes.

5. Organizing by colour can create the illusion of more space in your closet 

Studies show that visual clutter creates stress. So, create a sense of calm by grouping like colours together when you hang things back up. Then organize items from dark to light colours on your closet bar. Not only will you feel a sense of zen when you open your closet, but it will also feel like you have more closet space.

How to find space in your closet in five easy steps

In closing, hopefully following these five tips has helped you find more space in your closet. You may want to follow this 5-step process in some of your other closets to find space throughout your home. If you find you’re still space-challenged, you may want to consider a short-term storage solution.  Or, you may decide you’ve just outgrown your current living space and it’s time to upgrade. If that’s the case, call the moving experts at AMJ Campbell when you’re ready to move to your new home.

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