Home Delivery

Home Delivery

Re-defining third-party home delivery.

It’s a whole new world out there. Your customers are shopping online more, ordering more, expecting more. There’s a whole new demand out there for orders to be delivered quickly and correctly. That puts a whole new kind of pressure on companies like yours.
AMJ Campbell’s national home delivery services are designed to help you efficiently deliver your customers’ purchases in this quickly evolving space. Let our team deliver to your customers for the win-win: your customers stay happy, your delivery people stay freed up for other things.

Customize deliveries for your customers

Because customers can be different, we’ve designed our third party home delivery options to be different too. Choose from the type of service your delivery requires… especially at a time when “staying home” has become so important. Order a simple drop-off that doesn’t require face-to-face receipt, request a time-sensitive delivery, or get a signature upon receipt. With AMJ you have options to suit customer demands and your budget.

The work and care you put into your products continues with us.

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Home Delivery

Each home delivery client works specifically with their own dedicated Customer Service Agent. Their job is to make your job easier, by keeping your deliveries on time and keeping you on budget. Access your customer feedback at any time, via our portal. With our streamlined system, we’re betting you’ll be reading a lot of rave reviews.

We know sometimes products need dedicated attention just as much as customers do. So, along with home delivery, AMJ Campbell is happy to manage and secure your inventory too. We have huge secure, temperature-controlled warehouses located across Canada. Not to mention sophisticated inventory control to help keep track of exactly where your products always are.

We use 360-video surveillance cameras and staff-only clearance to monitor our permanently locked and bonded warehouses. We diligently check IDs of anybody entering our premises and keep detailed logs.  Rest easy, we’ve got you – and your merchandise – covered securely.

Our storage systems ensure maximum storage of goods and easy access to them whenever you need them. We use the latest software to track your inventory efficiently so we can provide a summary of your warehoused goods any time. All this helps us manage your shipments, so you that you in turn, can offer earlier delivery dates to your customers.

The costs to own your own warehouse are significant. So why not take advantage of ours and keep your overhead costs down low? Ours come climate-controlled, clean and secured. They even come with inventory management services so you can say goodbye to that added expense at your end.  Now that’s what we call a great performing ROI.

We may have climate-controlled warehouses, but we don’t just leave them to their own devices; we are constantly inspecting both your products and the environment to ensure overall quality remains at the same high level. We know a lot of companies depend on us to monitor our warehouses carefully. We wouldn’t think of doing anything less.

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