Encore Home Delivery

Encore Home Delivery

Re-defining third-party home delivery.

It’s a whole new world out there. Your customers are shopping online more, ordering more, expecting more. There’s a whole new demand out there for orders to be delivered quickly and correctly. That puts a whole new kind of pressure on companies like yours.

That’s why AMJ created Encore Home Delivery to help businesses efficiently deliver their customers’ purchases across the country. With 36 connected waypoints from coast to coast, a huge fleet and the backing of sophisticated logistics, we’ll help you deliver quickly to keep your customers coming back, again and again.

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Customize deliveries for your customers

Encore Home Delivery offers different types of service to suit your clients’ different needs and budgets. Choose White Glove Service for deliveries like furniture, appliances, electronics or exercise equipment, because we deliver to your customer’s room of choice, assemble the item and dispose of all packing. Room of Choice Service means we’ll deliver to any room and go up two flights of stairs. With Threshold Service, we’ll deliver to the first secure location beyond your customer’s front door. Doorstep Service is popular for customers preferring contactless delivery: we deliver to the front door, without going inside.

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Home Delivery | AMJ Campbell | Canada's Largest Moving Company

When you need to get products from your manufacturer and store them somewhere for the short or long term, our 30+ warehouses across Canada are a definite plus. So is our sophisticated logistics infrastructure. We use barcoding technology to ensure accuracy, digitize the flow, optimize logistics and give you a 100% view of what’s going on at all times.

Encore Home Delivery’s secure, temperature-controlled warehouses are an ideal solution for e-commerce and retail customers who need space. Enjoy 24/7/365 warehouse security, thanks to 360° video surveillance cameras and staff-only clearance to monitor our permanently locked and bonded warehouses.

The costs to own your own warehouse are significant. So why not take advantage of ours and keep your overhead costs down low? Ours come climate-controlled, clean and secured. They even come with inventory management services so you can say goodbye to that added expense at your end. Now that’s what we call a great performing ROI.

When it’s time to transport products from the warehouse to your store, we handle it all with ease. Our Pick ‘N Pack service is designed to gather multiple SKUs quickly and accurately and get orders on their way to your store in record time. After all, you’ll need your products in-store if you’re going to crush the competition.

Small drop sizes, traffic delays and spaced-out rural deliveries can quickly cause your ROI to plummet. That’s why businesses rely on our logistics to keep their supply chain moving. Our sophisticated infrastructure is designed to act and react quickly, re-routing drivers and deliveries according to weather and traffic conditions and ganging up orders to boost cost-efficiency.

Your dedicated account representative will work to customize your reporting system in the way that works best for you. Both you and your team will be trained on how to use our easy system from any device, at any time. Check your customer feedback at any time, via our portal. With our streamlined system, we’re betting you’ll be reading a lot of rave reviews.

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