Moving Internationally?

Moving Internationally?

Talk to a global leader.

Moving across the border or around the globe? Wherever your final destination, international moving can feel daunting. But with AMJ, it doesn’t have to be. We provide the expertise, logistics and peace of mind to make your move exciting –in a good way! Our moving experts have deep experience in navigating through customs and border control; they know how to streamline your overseas moving process and make it hassle-free.

At AMJ, we’re not just your moving company – we’re your cross-border moving agency. Whether you’re moving by air, sea, or land, we’ll ensure your possessions arrive safely, on schedule and within your budget. Our decades of experience have helped us build a vast network of the best international partners to ensure a seamless transition from your old home into your new one. So, take a deep breath and leave the complexities of international relocations to us -–we’ve got the world covered for you.

Custom-tailored moving solutions by land, sea or air

No two moves are the same, and each comes with unique challenges. That’s why AMJ tailors moving plans to fit each client’s schedule, needs and budget. You’ll have a dedicated move coordinator to oversee every step, ensuring everything stays on track, so your moving experience is a smooth one. Whether you’re moving by land, sea, or air, crossing borders can make a move highly complex. We say bring it on! Global moving is our specialty, and we’re ready to meet every moving challenge – even if yours involves a pause between start and finish (did we mention we have flexible storage options?). Yes, we’ve got solutions for every conceivable scenario. With AMJ by your side, moving becomes less about stress and more about the excitement that awaits ahead.

Global reach for all of your needs

No matter where in the world you are, we can accommodate you.  We partner with financially and ethically sound companies from all corners of the globe.   These companies meet our exacting standards and like AMJ, they have satisfied the most stringent quality control requirements to ensure you get the best possible moving experience.

We’ve got all the tools for a seamless move, right in our toolbox.  Let’s talk about what you need – from packing to unpacking your most cherished items, transport options ranging from shared and exclusive arrangements, storage solutions and insurance protection too.  We’ve got your international move covered with some planning tools and an expert move coordinator ready to help.

Been there, done that. In fact, with literally thousands of international moves under our belt, it’s safe to say that we’ve done “that” many times over. There’s a lot to know. Find answers to frequently asked questions from customers just like you.

Your treasures, schedule, budget and concerns are unique. Our strength is knowing how to coordinate your needs, anticipate changes, keep you informed and reduce the natural stress around moving. Tailoring a shipping schedule that makes sense for you is an important part of our service.

Border crossings can be complex and our international moving team has the right network around the globe to ensure the smooth transition of your shipment from one country to another.  We’ll let you know what is restricted or prohibited and we will handle all the necessary documentation and inspections so there are no surprises. It’s all just part and parcel of being a global leader in international moving.

Want to know more?

Whether it’s our internationally-trained crew in your home or your experienced move coordinator managing all of the details, our expert team is here to personally guide you through every step of your international move.  Start now by reaching out to the expert near you.

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