Make packing easier

Make packing easier

Life is busy. Moving is a big job. And packing, well, it's the biggest part. Thankfully, there are some simple packing tips you can use to make preparing for your home or office move with AMJ Campbell much easier and more efficient.

With more than a million moves under our belt, we know a few tricks of the trade. So, before moving day starts to loom on your calendar, make use of AMJ’s guide to become packing savvy.

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How to be a savvy packer

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If you don’t need it, don’t pack it. The less boxes you have to move, the better. This is your chance to declutter your life and help others by donating a few things.


It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a basic schedule and plan. By simply writing down what you want to accomplish and when, you can organize your space to avoid rushing later.


Very simple packing supplies will make your life way easier. Properly sized, quality boxes. An actual tape dispenser. Bubble wrap. A couple decent markers. These are small investments with big payoff.


Cleaning and dusting your possessions before they go into boxes makes unpacking a whole lot better. Why not wipe things down, so you can settle in sooner!

Pulling your things together according to which room they will be placed will save you so much time on both ends of your move. It makes for fewer heavy steps for you and for us!

Dealing with unmarked boxes is a nightmare when you want to know where something goes, or you need it quickly. Simply, label your boxes. (And no, marking it ‘random’ doesn’t help.)

Leaving your fragile items to the last minute is a bad idea. They need a little extra love and bubble wrap. So, give yourself enough time in advance to make your breakables unbreakable.

If packing for your move still seems overwhelming or you really don’t haven’t the time, consider AMJ
Campbell’s packing services. We’ll get you packed properly — in no time.