Packing products to help you save time and gain peace of mind

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Moving day is almost here! And although relocating to a new home can be exciting, it can also be a bit intimidating.

If you’re preparing to pack up your home, choose the right supplies to help you secure your belongings for transport. This will make the packing process a little easier, a little faster, and it will provide you with a little extra peace of mind for protecting your precious cargo.

Here are our suggestions for choosing the right moving products to help you prepare for a smooth move.

Buy new boxes

We see this debate among families and roommates all the time. Should you use recycled boxes—say, ones you have stored in your basement from a previous move—or purchase brand new ones?

Many people can be concerned with the waste and cost associated with buying new boxes. But here at AMJ, we often encourage the purchase of new boxes for a few important reasons.

First, you know that the boxes will be sturdy, clean, and reliable. You won’t need to worry about your boxes falling apart as you carry them up the stairs to your new apartment, or sneezing from dust that’s accumulated on them throughout the years. Also, purchasing new boxes is less expensive than you might expect. For instance, our corrugate moving boxes cost only a few dollars each.

For the eco-minded mover, we also offer a recycling program. When you purchase boxes from AMJ, we will gladly take our boxes back with us and recycle them for you at a local facility. We are proud to note that the materials in these boxes are 100% recyclable (even the ink) and, on average, nearly half of the fibers used to make them come from recycled material.

We also offer the option of using re-usable plastic totes that provide superior stability and reduced environmental impact.

Not to mention, we make it easy and convenient to order the boxes through our moving consultants. We can provide as many boxes as you need in advance and have them shipped directly to your home, so you don’t have to worry about coming to pick them up. (One less thing off the to-do list!)

Because we know you have plenty of unique possessions, we have different box strengths and shapes, so you can pack everything from heavy kitchen foodstuffs and stereo equipment, to files, to large items like mirrors, and even keep your clothes neat with our wardrobe boxes.

Embrace the tape dispenser

Anyone who’s ever prepared for a major house move can tell you: packing tape is about to become your best friend. But the thing that makes packing tape such a handy box-sealing companion is also the thing makes it so hard to handle: it’s so sticky!

Be sure to purchase at least one packing tape dispenser (or two or three if you have lots of helping hands) to help you seal your boxes neatly and securely. A dispenser—sometimes called a tape gun—will save you time because you won’t be searching for the end of the tape roll each time you use it, or be trying to unstick gluey edges that have adhered to themselves. A tape gun will also help ensure you apply a smooth, even layer of tape along the box seam for a tighter seal.

Bubble wrap is best

Knowing that your easily damaged belongings are safely stowed will mean you have one less worry on your mind during the moving process.

Sure, in the past you’ve probably wrapped your breakables in pillow cases, towels, linens, or newspapers. These can work well for some items. But, using bubble wrap is the safest way to protect grandma’s china or your favourite flower vase, even if the boxes shift or slide during the move. Here are a few suggestions on how to wrap your goods securely.

Let’s get moving

And there you have it. With these helpful packing products on-hand you’ll be armed with the tools you need for a successful pack-up. You may be done even faster than you expected. Then, all that’s left to do is to sit back, admire your work, and maybe pop a few packing bubbles to celebrate.

Check out our blog or the Helpful Tools section of our website for other useful information about moving into your new home.