How To Move a Hot Tub in 7 Easy Steps

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Group of friends enjoying a rooftop party beside an empty hot tub with city skyline in the background.

Is there anything nicer than stepping into a steamy, bubbling jacuzzi after a long day? Unwinding in a hot tub is a luxury few homeowners take for granted. That’s why it’s common for many relocating homeowners to take their jacuzzi with them to the new house. 

Learn how to move a hot tub by following expert tips from professional movers. This guide explains the best way to move a hot tub so you can relax in your new home. 

1. Gather the Appropriate Hot Tub Moving Supplies

Although jacuzzies can add value to a home, many homeowners don’t want to miss out on having this feature in their new home. How do you begin the hot tub moving process? Moving a spa safely is possible as long as you gather all the right hot tub moving equipment. 

Whether you opt to hire professional movers or plan a DIY hot tub transport, the following equipment is necessary for a successful hot tub relocation:

  • Moving truck
  • Safety straps
  • Plywood pieces
  • Furniture dollies

How Much Does a Hot Tub Weigh? Get Supplies With Enough Support

The trick to moving a hot tub is to get moving supplies that will support its weight. Exactly how much does a hot tub weigh? Empty hot tubs usually weigh between 500 and 1,000 pounds, though their weight can be as high as 8,000 pounds when filled with water. 

If you’re transporting a spa yourself, you’ll need dollies that can support the empty hot tub’s weight. Professional hot tub moving companies come with heavy-duty equipment that accommodates large items like jacuzzies. 

A technician adjusts the control panel of a hot tub during a maintenance check, preparing for safe relocation.

2. Determine the Best Way To Move a Hot Tub

Figuring out how to move a hot tub often depends on the surroundings. Is your spa inside the house in a sunroom? Will you need to move it from your deck and around your landscaping?

Consider your surroundings before moving on to other steps for moving a hot tub. Some pathways are ideal for bringing the tub to the moving truck, while others need strategic planning. 

3. Disconnect and Drain the Hot Tub

The next step in this hot tub relocation guide is to drain all water from the jacuzzi and disconnect the plugs. If you’re hiring a moving company, complete this step beforehand so the crew can work on moving large items while you handle last-minute packing. 

Remember That Moving a Hot Tub Requires Even Ground

Drain the water from the tub towards a street gutter using a hose instead of letting the water flow directly onto your deck or yard. Soaking the yard with gallons of water can soften the ground, making common transport methods more difficult as the wheels of the furniture dollies may sink. 

A service technician in a red cap and blue overalls tightens the panel on a hot tub outdoors, with tools laid out nearby.

4. Slip Plywood Beneath the Jacuzzi

If you’re wondering how to move a hot tub on your own, the next step is to take the empty tub and lift it high enough to slip a plywood plank beneath it. This requires some heavy lifting, so recruit at least three strong friends who are willing to help out. Choose planks that are about four inches in height so the tub is slightly off the ground and ready for the next step. 

5. Slide Dollies Underneath the Hot Tub

Ask any professional mover how to transport a hot tub, and they’ll tell you that furniture dollies are a crucial part of the operation. Take two furniture dollies and slide them underneath the jacuzzi. The dollies should be able to support the weight of the tub and facilitate the journey to the moving truck. 

How To Transport a Hot Tub Along a Narrow Route

Let’s say your hot tub is on the back deck, and you need to get it to your front yard to load it onto the moving truck. To get to the truck, the hot tub must pass through a narrow gate in your yard that won’t accommodate the spa if it lays flat on the dollies. In this situation, you’ll need to carefully turn the tub onto one side so it can fit through the gate. 

This step requires plenty of manpower and moving straps to secure the tub onto the dollies. Once you have the spa in place, carefully push the dollies through the gate until you reach the loading ramp of the truck. 

6. Place the Tub in the Moving Truck

Knowing how to move a hot tub on your own doesn’t stop when you reach the moving truck. You’ll need to push the dollies up the ramp and secure the jacuzzi inside the truck. Since the spa will take up a lot of room inside the truck, plan on loading it in before other large items or small moving boxes. 

Keep the dollies in place so you can easily unload the tub when you get to your new home. Secure the tub to the sides of the moving truck to prevent it from rolling around during transit. 

A father helps his daughter into a hot tub while a woman looks on, illustrating a family enjoying their outdoor spa.

7. Unload and Install the Tub in Your New Home

The final step in moving a hot tub is arriving at your new home and setting up the jacuzzi in the new space. You can roll the tub to its new spot and carefully remove the dollies and plywood planks so it stays in place. Give it a good cleaning before connecting the wires and filling it up with water. 

Now that you know how to move a hot tub, you can easily prepare for your upcoming relocation and plan to take your relaxing spa with you. Use these hot tub moving tips to take your jacuzzi to your new home with the help of some friends and various moving supplies. For total convenience and peace of mind, turn to the professional movers at AMJ Campbell.We specialize in local and long-distance moves, including international relocations. Give us a call today at 1-888-AMJ-MOVE (265-6683) to answer any further questions, learn more about our services, and request a quote.