The best things to do while your movers are working.

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The best things to do while your movers are working

You’ve been busy organizing for your local or international home move for weeks. You’ve sorted, purged belongings, packed and labelled boxes. You are ready for Moving Day. So ready, that you think there will be nothing for you to do on The Day. Think again: there are actually a bunch of things you should be doing to help ensure a smooth residential move.

Don’t disappear. 

While you may be excited to get to your new place to start setting up, somebody needs to be around at your old place to oversee the move and answer any questions the movers may have. If you can divide and conquer with your mate, great. Otherwise, stay to make sure you’re the one who closes the front door for the last time.

Pack and secure all last-minute boxes

The last thing you want is to have movers waiting for you. So, while the crew is loading up your bigger items, pack away everything you used over the past 24 hours: toothbrushes, sheets and towels, last night’s pyjamas and any dishes or cups you may have usedLabel the box as “24 Hour Stuff” and put it into the pile for your movers to load into the truck.

Pack and secure all last-minute boxes.

Put your “Essentials” box off to the side so the movers don’t move it.

This is where you will have packed important and sensitive documents like bank books and passports, medications, baby bottles and food and any other essentials you’ll need to unpack first. You’ll want to load this into your own car.

Reign in pets and kids.

You’re going to have a lot of people going in and out of your home, and their attention is going to be on the heavy items they’re carrying. They won’t be paying attention to doors that are left open or things underfoot. To avoid having pets or small children escape out the front door or get trod upon, keep them busy and tucked away in a closed room. 

Reign in pets and kids.
Have cold/hot drinks on hand.

Have cold/hot drinks on hand.

If you’re moving during winter, your movers will be spending time outside in the cold. Offer to make a trip to the local coffee shop for the crew, or at the very least have bottles of water on hand. Your movers will be thankful for this. Another tip: a box of donuts also goes a long way.

Load your fragile things into your car.  

Once you see the movers are nearly finished, load up your car with your computers, audio equipment, artwork or anything else that’s fragile or valuable that you want to move yourself.  

Check, check and check! 

Even the most careful movers can leave things behind. So as each room is emptied, check for anything left plugged in or hanging on a wall. Open cupboards, the dishwasher, the fridge, medicine cabinets, that drawer beneath the oven, and check the attic and the basement.Before you close the door for that last time, make sure all lights and appliances are turned off


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Let your movers do their job.

You’ve hired professionals which means they’ve likely done this a few times. If you’ve hired a big moving company like AMJ Campbell, they come with the experience of 1,000,000+ home and office moves. So, here’s your biggest job for moving day: stay out of your movers’ way. Trust that your moving crew knows what order to move things in, and if they’re taking care of packing your belongings, they know how to best pack them. Let them do what they do best, and everybody will be happier for it!

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