Eco-friendly moving

Eco-friendly moving

When you choose AMJ Campbell, you’re making an environmentally friendly move.

At the corporate level and throughout our franchise family, environmental sustainability and stewardship are very much part of the AMJ mission. We constantly look for ways to improve on our fuel efficiency and recycling programs and look for ways to conserve the energy and power that we use. In fact, to date, our local and regional work with our partners has even won us several industry awards.

Join forces with us and together, let’s be a friend to the planet.

AMJ Campbell is breaking ground with leading initiatives that include using diesel-electric hybrid trucks. Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with IdleAir electrical systems to cut diesel fuel consumption by 90%. We also use Prepass and E-ZPass to lower emissions; with these, our trucks can keep moving without stopping or idling.

We are proud that AMJ Campbell and our partners have earned numerous local and regional awards for environmental stewardship. It’s ongoing work and we continue to support every customer and partner devoted to a cleaner environment.

When using paper is absolutely necessary, our AMJ Campbell offices utilize recycled papers, which we then recycle once more. We also invest in advanced baling and bundling equipment for more efficient recycling practices.

Our double-hulled tanks safeguard in-ground fuel supplies from leeching out into the ground.

We’re working to reduce power consumption and waste by using a server virtualization system to service our IT needs. What’s more, many AMJ Campbell agents use solar power to light and cool the entire building.

To support clean waterways, AMJ Campbell uses biodegradable soap and closed-vehicle wash systems. Water capture, retention, and testing ensures purity before release.

Our AMJ Campbell office agents recycle a wide range of products including paper and corrugated cardboard, stretch wrap, plastic, glass, electronics equipment, copier drums, toner cartridges.  Our moving team works to set aside steel, aluminum, iron, and wood for recycling. We also work to recycle material produced by our fleet such s engine oils and mechanical fuels, vehicle components, tires and batteries.