Expert Tips for Cold-Weather Moving

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When you live in Canada, cold weather is hard to avoid. So, if moving day comes along with a frosty forecast, here are the best ways to tackle the task efficiently—and not let winter get in the way of your fresh start.


Clear the way

Safety should be your top priority when moving in winter months. Keep your walkways and loading areas clear of snow to ensure no accidents take place. Failure to remove accumulated snow and ice around your house will increase the chances of someone slipping while carrying a heavy box or a bulky furniture piece. A bag of salt can help melt slippery ice, or generously spread sand or kitty litter to provide traction on dicey areas. Additionally, ensure that any parking area needed for the moving truck is clear.


Keep valuables warm

The temperature inside non-climate-controlled moving trucks can get extremely low and may put your sensitive and fragile possessions at risk while in transit. Save space to transport any houseplants, animals, and delicate items in a heated vehicle. Take care to add extra packing to temperature-sensitive belongings such as fine china pieces, delicate wood items, antique furniture pieces, electronic equipment, and musical instruments, as they tend to crack when exposed to low temperatures. For long-distance moves, it might be in your plants’ favour to find new homes for them, since low temperatures are quite risky for the survival of leafy life forms.


Limit the cleanup

Protect floors in high-traffic areas from snow, sand, and water. Using heavy cardboard or plastic sheeting secured with heavy duty tape will keep floors clean and prevent falls on slippery floors. If you’re short on heavy cardboard after packing, consider placing thick sheets of durable polyethylene down instead. These protective coverings will increase the traction between your feet and the floor, greatly reducing the chances of a fall. As well, floor protectors will keep hardwood from being damaged and carpets from collecting dirt, which will make the final cleanup a smaller job.


Hire the right help

Do-it-yourself moves are cost-effective, but for the sake of your relationships with friends and family, it’s wise to seek assistance from reputable professional movers. Not only will they take the weight off your shoulders literally and figuratively, they have significant experience in dealing with moves during cold weather. At AMJ Campbell, we’re ready to help make your move easy—no matter what time of year.


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