Simplify your move

Simplify your move

Moving is surely an important life-change. But ‘important’ doesn’t have to mean complicated or even stressful! With the right approach (and the right movers, of course) the moving process can actually be pretty easy and stress-free. All you have to do is take things step-by-step.

Start with these expert moving tips and tricks to simplify your move with AMJ Campbell. You will thank yourself later, after arriving happy at your new home or office.

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How to move a whole lot easier

Moving Tips Moving Tips moving tips Moving Tips
Moving Tips

Unless you want to make an unorganized sprint to your new home or office, you will need a basic moving plan. Might as well accept it now. The good news is…it’s easy to start.

Moving Tips

Expenses can come quick and overspending is a real risk if you’re not prepared. Before you start bubble-wrapping breakables, make sure your moving budget is sorted.

moving tips

As moving day nears, must-do tasks will increase. So, if you can take care of something sooner than later (hint: updating everyone with your new address) … do it before you’re too busy unpacking boxes.

Moving Tips

It’s easy to underestimate how much stuff you actually have, which can make last-minute packing kinda tricky. Avoid this by taking an honest look around — or better yet, take an inventory.

Let’s face it, a good packing job will smooth out your move…considerably. And there’s lots you can do to make that happen. Take advantage of AMJ’s packing tips and consider our expert packing services!

Be real with yourself as moving day approaches. Check your budget, your schedule. Assess if you need help. Doing this (at least 10 days prior to your move) will give you time to adjust.

You’ve planned ahead, right?! You know what’s left to do, right?! So, enjoy crossing-off the final items on your AMJ moving checklist with lots of time to spare. Now, that’s a housewarming gift!

Do yourself a favour and put together a personal bag to hold your essentials while you’re in transition. It’s a small thing that can go a long way. Nobody likes searching for their toothbrush.