Moving with Kids: 4 Tips to Make it Easier

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Transition is hard for all of us, but when your child is faced with moving, it can feel like their entire world is unravelling. We’ve collected some helpful tips you can use to ease the disruption of relocation that aim to relieve anxiety for both parents and kids.

Give Them Ownership

Involve them in the move while maintaining a routine. Try to maintain your regular schedule for meals and bedtime to give kids a sense of familiarity. Have them take part in the planning as much as possible. This will make them feel like participants in the house-hunting process or the search for a new school and can make the change feel less like it’s being forced on them.

Make it Fun

Use a story to explain the move, or use toy trucks and furniture to act it out. Don’t forget to explain that good things can come from change. While travelling to the new location, get your kids to help create a road trip playlist that can be shuffled in with feel-good tunes to keep the mood positive.

When it comes time to unpack, get the kids to help decorate and set up the house. If arts and crafts are a favourite pastime, dig those supplies out first so each child can create a new name sign for their bedroom door. Don’t forget that kids are experts in making good use of empty boxes!

Be Open

Relieve anxiety by giving as much information about the move as early on as possible. Answer any questions truthfully, and be receptive to both positive and negative reactions. Even when a move means good things for the family, kids have the tendency to focus on the frightening aspects of change. Keep in mind that adjustment takes time, and be patient.

Create Consistency

After the move, get your child’s room set up before turning your attention to the rest of the house. This will reinforce a sense of familiarity. Also, try to maintain regularly scheduled meals and bedtime to get back into the routine.

A move can present many challenges, but good things also come from this type of change. Your family can grow closer and learn more about each other by going through it together.

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