Looking for big ideas on how to store kid’s stuff in small spaces?

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Looking for big ideas on how to store kids’ stuff in small spaces?

Let’s face it. Kids come with a lot of stuff. Whether it’s all that baby paraphernalia, toddler toys that seem to come in a zillion pieces, or even mountains of teen stuff, without proper storage your small space can quickly become crowded. So, what’s a parent to do? Luckily, there are all kinds of cool solutions that you buy and use as is or personalize to match your décor. You just need to know where to start. Check out these big creative ideas for storing kids’ stuff when you live in a small space.

Now you see it: stackable easy-access bins.

Stackable, see-through or reach-in bins make great homes for those toy collections. Amazon has open bins that let kids just grab and go. Leave them in easy-to-match white or paint them to match your room décor. This space-saving model adds a quick pop of colour to a room with no effort required. Prefer bins that keep the mess out of sight? Glue a sample toy to the outside of each box so kids quickly know what’s inside each bin. There are soft, whimsical storage options to de-clutter your baby’s room too: organize while enhancing your décor!.

Looking for big ideas on how to store kids’ stuff in small spaces?

Raise the bar and hang it up.

Any decorator will tell you that an easy way to create visual space is by getting things off the floor. In other words, think higher and a little more creatively. Park all those toy cars on the walls with a little magnetic tape or a magnetic bar. Repurpose an over-the-door clear shoe holder to store Lego, puzzle pieces, action figures, Barbie dolls, or even teen makeup and jewellery. Paint some wooden hooks in colours to match your décor and hang up backpacks, jackets, shoes (by their laces), hats or even clear bags of toys. Hang an animal hammock and give that stuffed animal collection a new home off the bed or floor.

Looking for big ideas on how to store kids’ stuff in small spaces?

Double up on duty. 

Multi-tasking pieces are especially valuable in small spaces. Storage benches not only keep toys out of sight, but they also serve as spaces for kids to curl up and play. Use them to tuck away stuffed animals, books, games, blankets, even out-of-season clothes. Time for a new bed? Choose a bed with drawers beneath it for extra storage. Or, for a younger child, opt for a cute playmat and toy bag in one.  

Clim the walls.

Draw the eye in different directions by mixing in a Think vertical and use your wall space to your storage advantage.

Channel your creative side and build and paint some cubes and organize books in them. Prefer a quicker solution? Order ready-made shelves and paint your own in colours to match the room.

Here’s another idea: paint an entire wall with magnetic paint, hot glue puzzle pieces, toys or brightly coloured buttons to magnets and create a giant bulletin board to clear off a desk.

Similarly, you can cover a wall with cork tiles and buy some colourful pushpins for the same result. 

How to incorporate the popular industrial design look in your home

A tisket, a basket. 

Large baskets can add flair to a room while serving as storage for just about anything kid-related. In addition, they’re also a great way to restore order to your living room or den. Pile baskets with toys, games, stuffed animals, or anything you can’t find space for anywhere else. Best of all, since you’ll be keeping them at floor level, your toddler will be able to take things out of them and (hopefully) put things back easily on their own.

Looking for big ideas on how to store kids’ stuff in small spaces?

Don’t cut corners.

With the right storage piece, you can even use non-functional space to your advantage. For instance, a corner shelving ladder can take up minimal space while providing storage space. Similarly, you can paint a series of floating shelves to match your décor and mount these in a corner to house trophies, pictures and other knickknacks. 

Get inspired by the experts.

Find all kinds of ideas to spark your creativity on sites like Pinterest and Good Housekeeping and Michaels, and from design gurus like Bon Vila and Martha Stewart. Make the idea your own with colours and fabrics to match your décor, or by adding little personal touches that reflect your child’s personality.

In summary, making the most of your home is essential when you don’t have a lot of space to work with. When you find your child’s things beginning to invade your living space, try one of the ideas above. With a little time and some creative vision, you’ll be able to organize and contain your child’s stuff and reclaim your space as your own. 

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