Moving to Ottawa? There’s so much to love about living there.

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Moving to Ottawa? There’s so much to love about living there.

Thinking about a move to Ottawa?  There are a lot of reasons to move to Canada’s capital – besides having the prime minister as your neighbour. Ottawa isn’t just one of Canada’s most affordable big cities, but it’s clean and safe, buzzes with activity all year long and has lots of job opportunities. Here are some things to know before you move.

1. Move to Ottawa for the best of both worlds: big city opportunities and small city quiet.

Home to over 1.05 million people, Ottawa has skyscrapers, historic buildings, sprawling parks and world-class culture. But the pace of this big city is more laid back than Montreal and Toronto. Ottawa has a reputation for being quiet, with residents preferring sports and nature over nightlife. This makes Ottawa a great place to raise a family. 

Moving to Ottawa? There’s so much to love about living there.

2. Ottawa is a blend of cultures and languages. 

Many new immigrants are attracted to Ottawa’s multicultural diversity. Nearly half of Ottawans speak English, 30% speak French, and the remaining population speaks other languages. While speaking French isn’t a necessity to live in Ottawa, the city’s proximity to Quebec means you’ll hear French while you’re out and about, so you may want to say oui to brushing up on key phrases. Note that you will need to be bilingual for any government jobs. 


Moving to Ottawa? There’s so much to love about living there.

3. Many people move to Ottawa for its great job opportunities.

Did you know that Ottawa has the highest educated workers in Canada? While the Federal Government is the city’s biggest employer, there are also many jobs in high-tech industries and health and education. A recent check showed 9600 job opportunities listed in January 2023. 

4. Move to Ottawa and open the door to more affordable living.  

As home prices in Toronto and Vancouver continue to skyrocket, a move to Ottawa makes great sense. In 2022, the average home sale price in Ottawa was $621,254 – considerably less than the average $1,051,216and $1,182,935 that homebuyers paid in Toronto and Vancouver respectively. Renters fare well too: average monthly rent for a 1-bedroom was $1,715, while a 2-bedroom was $1965. Your money definitely stretches farther here!

5. Ottawa’s education system is a big draw for families and students alike.

Ottawa is home to high-quality French and English public schools and top Catholic and private schools. But Ottawa doesn’t just have top education choices for the younger set. The city’s renowned Carleton Universityand the University of Ottawa attract post-secondary students from near and far. 

Moving to Ottawa? There’s so much to love about living there.

6. Move to Ottawa and fall in love with winter.

Ottawa is a great city, come winter. Lace up your skates and head to the 7.8 km long Rideau Canal – the world’s longest skating rink and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many great mountains within easy driving distance for downhill skiers and a multitude of options for cross-country skiers. Come winter, Ottawa Winterlude and the Magic of Lights are two more great reasons to love Ottawa.

Moving to Ottawa? There’s so much to love about living there.

6. Ottawa is home to fun of all kinds. 

If shopping, dining and entertainment are your thing, you’ll love Ottawa’s lively ByWard Market. More of a farm-to-table type? There are many outdoor farmer’s markets open year-round. And then there are all the festivals! Each April brings SugarFest and a celebration of all things maple; the Canadian Tulip Festival – the world’s largest tulip festival – when Commissioner’s Park blooms with over 300,000 tulips for 11 days each May; Lumiere, a family-friendly lantern festival that takes place each August. There’s also the Northern Lights multi-media show that projects huge images showcasing Canadian history on Parliament buildings between July and September. And don’t miss the big Canada Day celebration on July 1. 

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