How to Winter-Prep Your Home

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This time of year brings with it some highly unpredictable weather, which can cause serious damage to your home. According to the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction research institute, disaster damage has been doubling every five to seven years since the 1960s. Because many disaster losses are preventable, homeowners are encouraged to identify natural hazards.

Understand your home’s vulnerabilities

With inclement weather, most often the result is damage to the home’s roof, exterior walls, and windows. It is important to be aware and educated about your home’s vulnerabilities. Have a building inspector evaluate your residence is key. Because every building is different, building inspectors can offer important insights into your home’s capacity to withstand certain weather conditions.


Clear the area

Being prepared can protect your family and property are against severe damage. Before inclement weather hits, remove loose items such as trash cans, and lawn furniture. Have ample storage for all outdoor items such as trampolines, playground equipment, gazebo, and patio decor. If storage isn’t possible, consider securely covering these outdoor accessories to avoid direct contact with sleet or heavy snowfall.

Direct water away

Driven by melting snow or ice, water can enter homes and gradually deteriorate the interior and contents. Runoff can quickly overwhelm natural and manmade systems, leading to flooding and property damage. Extend your gutter downspouts away from the house to keep moisture from seeping into your basement or foundation. Replacing impervious areas with pervious surfaces, such as permeable paving stones or pavers, can also help.

Identify problem zones

To help minimize severe damage, check any areas that might be particularly vulnerable to the elements, such as the roof. Look for warped areas, missing shingles, or popped roofing nails. If the roof is old or showing signs of damage or decay, re-roofing can significantly strengthen a home’s defenses against inclement weather.

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