Home Reno Planning Season

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Preparing for a home renovation this year? For major projects such as these, time management and planning are key. From landscaping to remodelling to upgrading your house, we’ve got tips on how to plan for any improvement.

Be budget smart

Make a realistic budget and schedule. This is the most important starting point to a successful home reno project—don’t underestimate the time and money it will take to complete a build or renovation. Even professional contractors tend to underestimate the costs and duration of a project.

Separate the different stages of a project and apply your budget to each portion independently to help predict potential pitfalls and avoid surprises. Allowing for a margin of error of up to 20% can give you wiggle room and the ability to avoid having your renovation project turn into a nightmare.


Know your skillset

When it comes to planning your renovation, consider your budget and skill level. Upgrading your home before you sell can increase its value, but only if renovations are done properly. Be honest about your ability and decide if hiring a contractor is a better and more efficient option.

Although it’s tempting to assume you can complete a large portion of the work yourself, calculating your own labour at $0 dollars per hour is a typical mistake made by weekend renovators. Weekends go by much faster than you think and working full-time to then come home and conduct renovation projects can lead to burnout, cost overrun, mistakes, and even injury.

Get inspired

When planning your next home reno, visit local home shows and conferences to meet vendors and collect new ideas. The end of winter and early spring is home show season and checking out local vendors’ booths can give you access to professional advice on a variety of home reno areas. To make the most of your conversations, consider asking: “How long would it take for you to complete this project?” or “Where would you start?” or “What type of tools do you recommend?” New techniques in design are rolling out all the time, and you might learn an easier method to achieve the look you want for your home.

One of the perks of home shows is you can access multiple professionals at once and collect their advice at one time. This will give you a variety of views as to whether or not your project is feasible within a certain time frame and budget.

Do your homework

To help you plan for you next project, do your research. Look at the recommended tools, supplies, and retailers before heading to your closest building supply store. There is a myriad of available materials out there, and because renos are often tied to high costs, it’s worth it to take the time to make the right decision before buying your supplies.

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