5 big questions to ask your smaller moving company.

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5 big questions to ask your smaller moving company

Saving money is always a good thing. One great way to do this by going with a smaller company instead of the big brand name. But sometimes by doing this, you end up compromising what you actually get. So, if you’re contemplating going with a couple of guys and a truck for your home move, make sure that your smaller company will be able to deliver what you really need. Here are 5 questions to ask:

  1. What happens if my moving date has to change ?

Suppose you find out that there’s a huge blizzard scheduled for your upcoming moving day. Or maybe you find out that your new home won’t actually be ready in time, and you need to change your moving date. The Chinese calendar and Indian astrology actually list favourable and unfavourable days to move each year; believe in these, and you may be limited in alternate moving dates. How will the moving company be able to accommodate you? Ask what the company’s average re-scheduling wait time is. A smaller company may have less trucks, so many of the upcoming moving dates may already be booked. Would your move be postponed an unreasonable length of time?

2. What kind of insurance ( and how much) does the company have?

Larger moving companies have comprehensive insurance to give their clients peace of mind. That means you’re covered if your home is damaged during the move, or your belongings are lost or damaged.

The process to file a claim is also easy and resolution is usually quite quick. Check to see what insurance and filing process your movers have in place. Then you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to take on the risk.


3. Do you care if your movers are bonded?

Many businesses fly under the radar by paying their people off the books and therefore not conducting proper background checks.

The moving industry is no exception; often workers are hired merely for their lifting power. If your contents are not of high value, this may not be a concern for you.

But if you are moving expensive items or are conducting a large move, you may want to know that the people handing your belongings have been properly vetted. Only you can decide how you feel.


4. Can your mover schedule your more complicated move? 

Not all moves go straight from point A to point B; some require multiple stops. Ask if your movers have experience in delivering to multiple locations, and see if there are added costs.

Other more complicated moves require crossing provincial or international borders, with the latter requiring completing official paperwork. Are your movers experienced in

5. What if I need to store my belongings because my situation changes?

Not all moves go smoothly. Move-in dates can change when move-out dates can’t. Or you might discover that not all your contents fit, once you reach your new address. That’s where it’s handy to have the option of short or long term storage solutions for your belongings until you’re ready for them. AMJ Campbell has sanitized, self-contained affinity vaults where you lock up your belongings for them to be stored in a secure, climate-
controlled storage for up to 60 days – and if you need longer, it can be
arranged. Best of all, your first 30 days are free! Does your mover offer this? It’s worth asking the questions now, in case you find yourself in a crunch later.


Whether you choose to go with a smaller moving company or a larger one,
be sure to get an accurate quote before you proceed. A good mover will
either visit you in person or request a virtual tour of your space in order to
account for any storage spaces and harder-to-move items. The more prepared you are at the onset, the lower your risk of encountering any
unwelcome surprises down the road. Still opting to go with the smaller moving company? Here other handy things to know.