Using a Shipping Container Can Make Your Out-Of-Province Move Easy

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Moving is a big job, and the greater the distance you move the more challenging (and expensive) the logistics of the move can get. So much so that sometimes people decide it’s not worth the hassle to take their stuff with them, opting to sell, store or get rid of most of their belongings. However, in most cases, it’s still cost efficient to bring your belongings with you, it’s just a matter of figuring out the optimal way to do it. This is especially the case for corporate moves since the cost of replacing an entire company inventory would likely far surpass the cost of moving.

Traditionally people have seen two methods for getting their things to their next destination: taking it in a moving truck or using a shipping container. Both options have their pros and cons but between the effort and cost involved its easy for neither to feel like a particularly appealing option. What many don’t realize is that AMJ offers a third alternative: Affinity Vaults, which are a modern and reliable version of shipping containers.

What are Affinity Vaults?

Affinity Vaults are specially engineered shipping containers that store your belongings while they are transported throughout Canada, either by freight trucks or trains. Even though the Affinity Vaults are already transported in enclosed trailers or rail containers, the vaults themselves are durable, heavy-duty and water-resistant to ensure that the contents are protected from environmental elements. On the inside, furniture is padded, and boxes are strategically stacked the same way that they would be in a traditional move to ensure everything is secure and protected.

Shipping Container Dimensions

Depending on how much you are considering moving, as well as the size of your furniture, you may require multiple Affinity Vaults. The shipping container dimensions for each vault are as follows:

Exterior 87.5”L x 92”W x 100”H
Interior 84”L x 89”W x 95”H
Cubic Capacity 412 ft³
Door Opening 54”W x 85”H
Weight Per Container 2,000 lbs to 2,500 lbs
Equipment 20 pads and 2 straps per vault

Security During Transportation

Leaving your possessions (especially if it’s all your possessions) in the hands of a stranger can feel unnerving, to say the least. Affinity Vaults can help put your mind at ease during the move since each vault is loaded, sealed and locked at your home or office. The vault itself doesn’t need to be re-opened at any point during transportation, so you can have assured confidence in the safety of your belongings.

Cost of Moving Out of Province

Traditional methods of transporting your belongings have a higher tendency to incur additional expenses. If you’re driving your belongings in a moving truck, you’ll have costs such as gas, hotel stays, and food. With traditional shipping container moving the weight of your container is a determining factor in the price, which can’t be finalized until the container is loaded. Additionally, the delivery date isn’t pre-scheduled so you may find yourself purchasing in-term living essentials to tie you over until your shipment arrives. AMJ Affinity Vaults offer a firm price per vault (the weight doesn’t have an impact). Customers vault are dedicated exclusively to their belongings, and the delivery date is guaranteed.

Guaranteed Delivery Dates

While you’re getting an estimate for AMJ Affinity Vaults, you’re able to pick your guaranteed delivery date so you can assure that the shipment will arrive when it’s convenient for you and that your travel plans and possession date of your new home or office coincide with its arrival. What happens if your timelines changes and your home or office aren’t quite ready to move in? We can store your vault in a climate-controlled warehouse until you’re ready. While traditional methods for moving out-of-province can take up to one month, the transportation of Affinity Vaults takes less than half the time of a typical move (with exact timelines varying depending on the locations involved).

Check out our Affinity Vaults video for an inside look at the vaults and how they work. Think they might be a good option for your upcoming move? Reach out to an AMJ Campbell moving specialist near you for more information.

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