Tips for Moving with Pets

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Every stage of a move can be more challenging when furry creatures are a part of the equation. Because we have a hunch that your pet isn’t going to be willing to help check off the to-do list, we’ve out together a list of tips that will make moving with pets easier.


Keep them safe

Important things can be overlooked during a busy move. Make sure your pet is always under supervision, have a plan for transporting them safely to your new home, and be sure to confine securely while moving furniture out of the house.


Consider removing your pets from the premises during moving day. Because there are a lot of people coming and going, that means many opportunities for a stressed pet to escape or get caught underfoot. If you can find a volunteer you trust, consider having them head to a nearby dog-friendly restaurant or park to hang out until it the chaos of moving is over. Other ideas are to ask a friend or family member to have them over for the day or book your regular sitter or boarding kennel for the day. Your last resort can be to crate them in a quiet area of the house.


Set the tone

Pets are perceptive and read human body language, so sometimes your stress can be upsetting for them. Try to remain calm and act naturally around your pet to show that this is nothing to worry about. Maintaining your emotions and recognizing this may be anxiety-inducing for your pet will be especially important during this time. Help reduce your pet’s fear about the major changes taking place by maintaining a regular routine as much as possible.


Save the favourites for last

Pets are creatures of habit, so hold off on packing up those beloved beds, toys, and bowls. Feeding your pet with its normal bowl can help keep your fur baby calm and maintain routine. If you have multiple pets, make sure to leave out everyone’s favourite toys.


Settle in smart

Establish your new routine quickly by setting up or re-establish good habit. Focus on rules, boundaries, and limitations. Although it is likely that some things will change in the new home, try to stay as close as possible to your previous routine. If you’ve switched time zones, jump right away into the new schedule. Maintain that 9 a.m. walk in your new location – even if it feels like 11 a.m. to your dog.


Use smells to your advantage

Your instinct after a move is to make sure everything is spick and span. But think twice when it comes to your pet’s personal items. Don’t wash those blankets or beds. A familiar scent can help pets feel more at home in a new location.


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