Tips for Moving During the Holidays

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Moving can be a stressful endeavour no matter what time it is on the calendar but making a move during the holiday season brings along some additional challenges. On top of all the traditions and responsibilities synonymous with the holiday time of the year, such as finding the perfect gifts for friends and family, making a seemingly endless number of baked goods, and attending a variety of festivities and parties, you also have to consider packing and unpacking. As with anything, that potential stress can be relieved – at least a little – if you prepare enough beforehand. Here are some key tips to help make your holiday move less hectic.

Time it Right

Ensure you book a moving company well in advance, as it can be a very busy time for relocation and deliveries, with schedule changes potentially in effect. Holiday hours may also be applicable for different businesses, including cleaning companies, locksmiths, home improvement stores and other companies that you may look to typically help during a move. If you need child care or pet care around your moving day, note that the holiday season sees long waitlists, higher fees and strict cancellation policies due to the greater demand, so planning and booking ahead where possible is ideal. If relocating to your new home involves a long car ride, keep traffic conditions in mind. Route delays can occur, especially later in the month, close to the actual holidays, when many people are travelling to friends and family.

Pack Strategically

Keep seasonal items within reach. If you enjoy holiday décor around the home, or perhaps you have holiday events to attend soon after your relocation, having those items on-hand will make for a less chaotic search when you’re unpacking and sorting. If you look forward to the garlands and lots of green and red to make the season bright around the home, make sure to label décor containers clearly and ask the movers to leave those boxes somewhere accessible.

Make Donations

A move is the perfect time to evaluate your belongings and consider letting go of the things you no longer require. Many charities will pick up certain items, which is an excellent alternative to throwing things away. This time of year is busy for donations, so call ahead. There are often specific items that charities will call out for and be in need of at this time of year (especially unused, new items). Consider checking their lists as you do your own inventory. Check out some of your local charities as well as places such as Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill and the Salvation Army, to confirm the types of items they will and won’t accept.

Consider the Weather

Weather conditions this time of year can range from severe cold, to snow, to hail, and more (depending on where you live). With that in mind, you should prepare for difficult weather by gathering plenty of boots, mitts, hats, shovels and salt and having a bag accessible in your car in case of emergency. Try packing as much of your stuff in waterproof containers as possible.

If severe weather is affecting your area, consider the heating of your current and new home(s). Ensure the transition for tenants into your space, and for you and your new home, is warm and easy by making sure heating is in working order. Consider calling to make any needed arrangements with your landlord or your heating and electrical companies to make sure the transition is smooth. On the day of your move, keep covered! Have towels or sheets on hand to wipe off water or snow, and make sure you have your feet covered in proper footwear (warm boots and cozy slippers?).

As long as you stick to a plan, prepare all the necessary checklists, and account for all the holiday chaos (both weather- and human-induced), you’ll be well on your way to a seamless holiday move.

After your move, you may have extra cardboard boxes lying around. Consider reusing them this holiday season. Make gifts, care packages, crafts, costumes and even toys for your children by repurposing various types of packaging. Recycling items like these can make clean up easier and add creativity to your holiday décor. AMJ also offers recycling services and can decommission your used furniture.

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