Holiday Clean Up

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After the flurry of the holidays has dissipated, it’s nice to spend some time putting the house back in order. If a move is on the horizon before the next time you plan to pull out your Christmas tree, being mindful of how much you store is important. We’ve got helpful tips on what to do with all those holiday items once the season comes to a close.


Holiday Lighting

When it’s time to take the lights down and get back to reality, keeping the strands separated for the next time you use them makes decorating the house a lot simpler. Purchase a hose holder to use as a large spool. Wrapping your lights will make winding, carrying, and storing light strings simple and will prevent tangles.

If you’re a do it yourself type, you can make your own no-tangle reel with a piece of cardboard and some scissors.

Leftover Wrapping Supplies

Have lots of extra paper, ribbons, and gift bags? Use a garment bag or hanging closet organizer to store items like tablecloths, seasonal linens, wrapping supplies and more. This keeps them off the ground and in one place once next year rolls around.


If you’d like to keep your wreath in pristine condition for next year, use a crush-proof wreath case to safely store and extend its life and prevent breakage. For a do-it-yourself approach, try hanging wreaths in an out of the way location on removable closet rods. Don’t forget to store wreaths in plastic bags before hanging to prevent dust from accumulating on the decorations.

Tree Ornaments

If you’re missing ornament boxes, try using egg crates to safely store small ornaments (Styrofoam egg cartons are best for this purpose).

Make Space

Consider installing an overhead storage system in the garage to store things that you don’t need regular access to (such as holiday decorations). If you know you’ll be moving before the next holiday season, make sure to clearly label the contents so the boxes will be ready to transport without sorting again prior to the big day.

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