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Container Moves For Small Shipments

Affinity Vaults are specially engineered moving containers used to easily transport and store small shipments. With guaranteed dates, your household goods will be moved safely across the country in record time. We also offer extended deliveries with flexible scheduling where you can store your “Exclusive-Use” Affinity Vault containers in our climate-controlled warehouses until your home is move-in ready.

Safe Storage

All furniture is padded and protected inside your “Exclusive-Use” Affinity Vault container the same way it is protected on a traditional move. In addition, your valuables will be locked and sealed inside your waterproof container until your belongings are ready to be delivered. If your new home isn’t ready for occupancy, our Atlas Agents offer storage options for your Affinity Vault in climate-controlled warehouses.

Flexible Delivery & Guaranteed Dates

When you book an Affinity Vault container for your small shipment, your delivery date can be guaranteed as transit times are not affected by weight or number of containers. Extended deliveries and flexible scheduling are also available for your convenience.