6 Advantages to moving over the holidays.

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Home moves at any time can seem overwhelming at the best of times. Throw in the challenges of packing amid the whirlwind of holiday planning and unpredictable winter weather, and there are some pretty compelling reasons not to move at this time of year. But is it cheaper to move over the holidays? In a word, yes. And that’s just one of the advantages to moving at this time of year.

  1. It can be easier to schedule a move over the holidays.

Like any other industry, moving companies work on supply and demand. Since less people want to move homes at this time of year, you’ll likely have a lot more choices in move dates available to you. Just be sure to book your mover several weeks in advance, since movers want to take time off to celebrate the season too.  

2. Traffic will be far lighter.

One of the most frustrating parts of a residential move is waiting for the moving van to arrive. Here is where both the holidays and the ongoing pandemic work in your favour. (As an aside, check that your moving company has COVID-19 protocols in place.) Traffic is already light and over the holidays people tend to hunker down even more, so your moving van will get there more quickly. To keep your winter move running smoothly, be sure to shovel and salt your sidewalk, front walk and stairs so movers can get in and out quickly.

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3. You’ll have quiet time to get set up in your new place. 

Put that time when your work closes down to good use.

If your work doesn’t close for the holidays, take a few days off – unless you’re in retail, that time will likely be quiet anyway.

Keeping yourself organized with AMJ’s moving checklists and packing tips can help make your move-in that much smoother.

Once you arrived, you’ll be able to unpack and get yourself organized without having to juggle work commitments on top of your move.

Plus, since nobody is going anywhere right now, you won’t experience any FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) on holiday happenings while you devote your time to getting settled in your new place.

4. Holiday sales will mean big savings on things for your home. 

As retailers push to make their sales figures before the year ends, the holiday sales will be on in full force.

Now is the time to save on moving supplies, furniture, appliances, home décor and more. 

5. It’s a great time to donate to local charities.

Moving is always a great opportunity to take stock of all the things you’ve accumulated over the years and get rid of what you no longer have use for. Donate those gently loved items to local charities; there are many families who could use those coats, boots, sweaters and blankets at this time of year.

6. Celebrating the holidays in your new home will be that much more special.

The key to enjoying the holidays in your new home is to finish your holiday shopping early. This way, you don’t have to run around for last-minute gifts while trying to get yourself settled at home. Also, be sure to pack and clearly label all your holiday decorations, gifts and kitchen and serving pieces so you can unpack these first. Even if the rest of your house isn’t unpacked, putting up the tree and placing those presents beneath it can quickly make your new place feel like home sweet home.  

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