Moving This Season? A Canadian Winter’s Essential Cross-Country Family-Fun Guide

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Winter in Canada may feel like the longest season of the year. If your approach to handling cold weather is to hunker down beside the fireplace and avoid socializing for six months, chances are you’ll be itching to get outside at some point. As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Whether you are new to parts of this country or simply not a fan of the icy cool breezes, we have a roundup of  some of our most cherished Canuck activities to help you embrace this frosty season.


Catch Some Air

The sweet spot of Canadian winter is hitting the slopes. Visit one of the country’s iconic ski resorts, which attract thrill-seekers from across the globe on a yearly basis. Blackcomb/Whistler ski resort in British Columbia, Banff & Lake Louise outside of Calgary, Alberta, and Mont-Tremblant north of Montreal in Quebec are the three most famous ski destinations in Canada, among many other hills country-wide that families enjoy.


Stay in an Ice Hotel

The enchanting Hôtel de Glace north of Quebec City is a unique hotel built entirely of snow and ice. Every winter it’s completely redesigned and rebuilt, offering an unforgettable experience in the only hotel of its kind in North America. While you’re there, drink a cocktail served in a glass made of ice and then drift off to sleep on a bed built of ice blocks.


Take in a Winter Festival

Winterlude in Ottawa, Fredericton Frostival, Ice on Whyte in Edmonton, and Niagara Icewine Festival are some of the most popular festivals held during winter. Music combined with family friendly entertainment make staying up after the season’s early sun downs worthwhile. Many of these festivals offer experiences you won’t find anywhere else—like a hair freezing contest at the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous in Whitehorse or the one-piece snowsuit competition at Igloofest in Montreal.

Try a New Activity

Dogsledding, ice fishing, snowshoeing. You name it, we’ve got it. Canada lets you explore areas you might not normally have access to when the ground freezes over. Cross-country ski trails take over land masses that are swamps during warmer months. Ice bridges are formed across winding rivers.

Take your favourite summer activities and winterize them. Hiking and birdwatching in the snow offers an alternative experience compared with what you’d see in warmer months. Another hint is to reconnect with the simple winter activities you enjoyed as a child and try them in a new place or with new people. Snowball fight, anyone?

Eat Fresh Maple Syrup in the Snow

Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, PEI, and New Brunswick are hubs for maple syrup production in Canada. Each offer experiences from tastings at small farm facilities to festivals celebrating the sweet stuff. You’re not truly Canadian until you’ve savoured warm maple syrup in fresh snow.

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