AMJ Campbell – helping you make a greener move

We bring you a corporate commitment to the environment. At the corporate level, AMJ Campbell focuses on sustainability while helping people go new places. As an independent businesses, AMJ Campbell agencies practice environmental stewardship in many ways; they wear many shades of green.:

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Reducing paper waste

To conserve print resources, AMJ Campbell prints sales literature on recycled paper, takes advantage of document imaging, and invests in baling and bundling equipment to prepare paper wrap and boxes for recycling.

Protecting groundwater

To support clean waterways, AMJ Campbell uses biodegradable soap and closed-vehicle wash systems. Water capture, retention, and testing ensure purity before release. Double-hulled tanks safeguard in-ground fuel supplies.

Leading with green initiatives

AMJ Campbell agents are breaking ground by employing a diesel-electric hybrid truck. What’s more, many AMJ Campbell agents use solar power to light and cool the entire building – and provide a surplus to local utilities.

Earning environmental recognition

AMJ Campbell and its agent family have earned numerous local and regional awards for environmental stewardship.

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